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Hammer Arctic Vibe Bowling Ball Review

Hammer Arctic Vibe Bowling Ball Review

The Arctic Vibe uses the same symmetrical Vibe core as the Radioactive and Ocean Vibes, but this new multi-colored version is paired with a new coverstock. Its HK22-based CT Max Hybrid cover comes out of the box prepped with 500/1000/1500 SiaAir plus Factory Compound. As a step down from the Scorpion Low Flare and Hazmat in terms of overall hook, all three of our testers found this ball to be best on our medium and dry patterns with the box finish.


Stroker had the best reaction out of the three bowlers on the fresh medium oil pattern. His straighter angle of attack in the front of the lane made it very easy for him to get the Arctic Vibe into the pocket. With a stronger move at the breakpoint than the Radioactive Vibe and Ocean Vibe, the Arctic drove easily through the pins. As the pattern started to break down, Stroker stayed in the pocket by making small one board moves with his feet when his ball started to go a little high. The box finish provided a very good combination of length and total motion that allowed him to play in the track area with great success on this pattern.

Stroker’s reaction on the dry pattern wasn’t far off from what he had on the medium oil condition. He had a little less hold because of the shorter length of this condition, so he opened up his angles and was able to find a very good look. The Arctic Vibe cleared the fronts very easily, providing a strong but predictable move at the breakpoint. His carry wasn’t as good after he started moving

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