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DV8 Chill Pearl Bowling Ball Review

DV8 Chill Pearl Bowling Ball Review

DV8’s new Chill Pearl uses the symmetrical Diva 2.0 core design, which is the same core that was also used on the original Chill. The difference comes in the coverstock and box finish, with this new ball featuring the HK22 – Inciter Max Flip Pearl formulation. We’ve seen the original version of this coverstock—without HK22—on both the Medusa and Hell Raiser Return. The Chill Pearl is finished with 500/1000/1500 SiaAir and Factory Compound to provide easy length through the front of the lane without over-skidding in the oil or getting too far down the lane before changing directions. The large flare potential provided enough total hook for the ball to get to the pocket with ease on our fresh medium oil pattern.


Stroker loved the reaction he saw from the Chill Pearl on the fresh medium oil pattern. He really liked the original Chill, and he was a little worried about how this one would be for him with the shinier box finish. This ball let him start five boards right of where he was with the original, and it gave him more shape downlane than his Verge Hybrid. Shots left in the oil gave Stroker a strong and consistent downlane motion, allowing him to easily start moving left as the lanes broke down without needing to alter the surface.

Stroker had the best reaction out of the three testers on the dry pattern. He really liked how easily this ball got through the front while being much easier to control than the Violent Collision or the Trouble Maker Pearl on this shorter pattern. His reaction got even better with more shots

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