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Radical Max Bias Bowling Ball Review

Radical Max Bias Bowling Ball Review

Radical’s Max Bias features the same high intermediate differential (0.030″), high total differential (0.050″), and low RG (2.494″) asymmetrical core design that was found in the Maximum Results. It pairs this very strong core with the new HK22+ Textured Hybrid coverstock formulation. This strong shell is finished at 500/1500 SiaAir, giving it plenty of teeth to dig through heavy concentrations of oil. The Max Bias created more total hook than any ball in the current Radical lineup, with a smoother motion at the breakpoint than both the Radical Conspiracy and The Hitter.


Stroker loved how easily the Max Bias revved up on the heavy oil test pattern, as its strong cover and core design gave him plenty of area and recovery. He covered more total boards than he could with both The Hitter and the Radical Conspiracy. While the Max Bias wasn’t as angular downlane, it started earlier and provided more overall hook. This aggressive ball motion let him move left easily to find more oil as the track area started breaking down. He liked the strong and continuous motion that the box finish gave him, so he didn’t make any adjustments to the cover on this condition.

The box finish was very good for Stroker on the medium oil pattern as well. He could start with his feet in the same place as on the heavy oil pattern, but he could swing it more to the outside. On the fresh, he had enough hold on his pulled shots to trip out the 4 pin. This pattern pushed him left with his feet and eyes much more quickly than the heavy oil condition. He kept the ball at the box finish as

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