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Playland Reopened in the City of Morrilton Arkansas

Playland Reopened in the City of Morrilton Arkansas

We were a part of the reopening of Playland in the city of Morrilton, Arkansas. For those who manage a non-conventional bowling alley and aim to expand their entertainment choices and sources of income, it’s essential to create a memorable bowling encounter for their clients. Also, our assistance can help you infuse creativity, novelty, and thrill into your bowling experience. All while focusing on the objective of captivating your customers and ensuring their repeat patronage.

The Project

After being closed for 13 years, Playland is once again welcoming the public. The old alley was purchased by the city and transformed into its current form. We were so honored to be a part of the transformation. Also, the establishment now features a ten-lane bowling alley, a skating rink, an arcade, and a cafe. All of which are suitable for families. However, as the city is the owner, smoking and drinking alcohol are strictly prohibited on the premises.

Funk Bowling has completed this 10 lane bowling installation at Playland. This included brand new ball returns and racks for an enhanced bowling experience. Also, the job features bumpers that have been installed for added convenience. Additionally, the lanes have been freshly screened and coated for an improved bowling surface. To ensure accurate and efficient pin-setting, string pinsetters were installed as part of the project. On top of that, our robust scoring system has been put in place, which offers an engaging and competitive experience for bowlers. With the completion of this project, Funk Bowling has successfully created a modern and enjoyable bowling experience that will surely impress any bowling enthusiast.

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10-Lane Bowling Install at Newly Renovated, Playland!

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