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9 New Bowling Balls Available in 2023

9 New Bowling Balls Available in 2023

first look of new 2023 bowling balls coming soon!

Information on 9 new bowling balls available in 2023!

Hello again bowlers around the globe! As we close out 2022, new 2023 bowling balls are being announced and are available for pre-order.

2022 gave us some great bowling balls including the Hammer Envy, Storm Phaze 5, 900 Global Zen Soul, Motiv Blue Coral Venom, Roto Grip Gem and 900 Global Reality check to name a few.

New bowling balls for 2023 announced from top bowling ball companies including Storm, Motiv, Brunswick, Radical, Track, Columbia 300 and Hammer. These high performance bowling balls are set to kick 2023 off with a bang! Information and videos on the 9 new bowling balls available in 2023 can be found below.

1 – Storm Absolute Bowling Ball

The Storm Absolute Bowling Ball is scheduled to be released January 20, 2023.

In most cases, an extra slug, or weighted disk, is needed to create enhanced dynamics, but the evenly weighted masses at both ends of the Sentinel Core upgrades this effect more than a single slug ever could. This ensures the Absolute will change direction and continue through the pins better and more consistently. This is the first single-density asymmetric core in the Storm line since the Lucid. The R&D team has also reduced the amount of weight block mass near the area where the thumb hole is typically placed.

The inward angled edges increase the intermediate differential prior to drilling and allows the dynamic integrity to be preserved after drilling because the thumb hole misses the weight block. The extra intermediate differential makes the Absolute respond to friction on the lane more effectively and won’t miss the spot.

2 – Storm Revenant Bowling Ball

The new Storm Revenant Bowling Ball will be available January 20, 2023.

There is a certain level of expectation that comes with drilling up a new Storm bowling ball. You expect it to have rich, vibrant colors and a pleasant fragrance. You expect it to ignore the heads which often gets worn and dry, especially late in the day.

You expect it to…

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