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Columbia 300 Kaboom Bowling Ball Review

Columbia 300 Kaboom Bowling Ball Review

The Kaboom introduces a new core shape into the Columbia 300 line. The new Detonate symmetrical design provides the highest RG in the current C300 lineup at 2.529″. With a differential of 0.043″ and the HK22-based Reflex Pearl coverstock, the Kaboom created more midlane traction and a stronger breakpoint than the Eruption Pearl while covering fewer boards than the Explosion. Finished with 500/1000/1500 SiaAir and Factory Compound, our testers liked the Kaboom best on our medium and dry test patterns.


Stroker had the best look out of the three testers on the medium oil pattern. He saw very easy length, with a strong move at the back end that helped him kick out a few more corner pins than Tweener and Cranker. He could play a small swing to the right off his hand, with room to miss both inside and outside of his target downlane. He liked his reaction even more as the pattern saw more traffic. When there was more friction in the track area, he had even more room for error with the Kaboom at its box finish.

Stroker also had the best reaction of our three bowlers on the dry test pattern. The Factory Compound box finish and pearlized coverstock provided enough length while he played a small swing to the outside. The sharper motion downlane made it easy for Stroker to start moving left as the session progressed. He saw less angularity and less total hook on this pattern compared to the Cuda PowerCOR Pearl. He liked how easy it

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