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Storm Summit Peak Bowling Ball Review

Storm Summit Peak Bowling Ball Review

Storm’s new Summit Peak is the follow-up to the very successful Summit. Using the same Centripetal HD weight block and AI outer core as the original, the Summit Peak features the TX-23 Pearl coverstock. Finished with Reacta Gloss, the Summit Peak provided slightly more hook than the Journey at its box finish, and it matched up best on our medium and dry test patterns.


Stroker had the best reaction out of the three testers with the Summit Peak. On the medium oil test pattern, he found that he could stay straighter with his angles and see the shiny coverstock dig into the midlane and make a strong move at the back end. His ball stayed on its line to the pocket very well with the shiny box finish, and it did little to change the pattern by itself. After duller balls had gone down the lane, he had to move farther inside and swing it more, with less hook and back end than the Virtual Energy Blackout, but more hook than the Journey.

The easy length provided by the Summit Peak made it a viable option on the dry pattern for Stroker. He started closer to the center of the lane on the fresh, sending the ball outside. It didn’t jump too hard at the back of the pattern, but it became difficult to follow his own transition from that far inside. Later in the session, he could switch to the Virtual Energy Blackout to go around the lane a bit more, or he could stay straighter with the

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