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Storm Absolute Power Bowling Ball Review

Storm Absolute Power Bowling Ball Review

The Storm Absolute Power uses the same asymmetrical Sentinel core shape from the original Absolute and pairs it with the new solid version of the R2S Deep coverstock. This new shell comes out of the box with a 4000 Abralon finish. The Absolute Power is extremely versatile for such a strong solid, and it allowed our testers to use it effectively across all four of our test patterns.


Stroker really liked the strength of the new coverstock on the fresh heavy oil pattern. The 4000 Abralon box finish was dull enough for the Absolute Power to create friction using his straighter angles. As the lane dried out more, his look got even better, allowing him to move in a bit and shape the ball more. With some room to miss in both directions, he also really liked what he saw from this ball in transition.

Stroker had the best reaction on the medium oil pattern out of our three bowlers. His rev rate matched up very nicely with the Absolute Power, allowing him to play this pattern very close to how he played the heavier oil pattern, but with a bit more room for error and better pin carry from the start. Instead of moving his laydown point farther inside as this pattern transitioned, he moved his eyes two boards left to keep the ball in the lower friction part of the pattern longer. Shots that were leaving 2 pins on the fresh started striking from the same

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