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NCAA Bowling

Vanderbilt Bowling | Cummins Balances Being Captain, UHC President

Vanderbilt Bowling | Cummins Balances Being Captain, UHC President

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Between academics, training and competition, collegiate student-athletes must juggle a lot. Mabel Cummins, captain of the Vanderbilt bowling team, added to her multitasking over the past year by also serving as president of the university’s Undergraduate Honor Council.

Cummins said filling both leadership roles required some sacrifice but yielded valuable experience.

“I faced obstacles that required me to be more innovative and strategic in how I operated as a student leader and teammate,” said Cummins, a neuroscience major, who recently concluded her yearlong term as UHC president.

“I had to learn how to fill the gaps in my study time or forgive myself when I couldn’t,” she said. “On the upside, my sphere of influence expanded. I had new venues in which to inspire and motivate peers and new opportunities to build relationships with administrators and faculty.”

Serving as president of the Undergraduate Honor Council is a premier leadership opportunity on campus and one of the most challenging roles a student can take on, said Jeremy Bourgoin, director of Student Accountability. “Where else in the SEC would you see a champion student-athlete who also serves in the student body’s chief academic position, upholding integrity and promoting honor while also excelling in her own academics and in the sport?” he said.

Cummins forged genuine partnerships with Student Accountability staff, faculty members and fellow student leaders.

“Working with Mabel on a daily basis gave her advisers in Student Accountability a front-row seat to her growth and development,” Bourgoin said. “We had the privilege to see a stellar student-athlete, scholar and leader take center stage in one of the campus’s most significant roles.”

“I found that key attributes, such as professionalism, integrity and transparency, were essential regardless of the position, and focusing on inclusion, collaboration, consistency in communication and empowerment resulted in the best end products,” Cummins said. “Also, I acquired new skills while working with all the high-performing individuals, but more valuable was the diversity in culture and background I experienced through interactions with honor council members.”

Leadership and values

Cummins’ passion was evident as she reflected on the values she brought to her UHC role.

“First and foremost, people are our strength,” she said. “Leaders must foster an inclusive…

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