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PBA Announces Ban on All Urethane Bowling Balls for National Tour

PBA Announces Ban on All Urethane Bowling Balls for National Tour

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Breaking News: We’re receiving word that urethane bowling balls made before Aug. 1, 2022 are going to be banned on the Professional Bowlers Tour.

Developing Story: The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) announced recently that all urethane bowling balls manufactured prior to August 1, 2022 are banned from use in the PBA National Tour.

Urethane bowling balls have been a popular choice of professionals over the past decade due to their ability to control hook and slide. However, some of these urethane bowling balls have tested for hardness below 72D. As such, professional bowlers competing in the PBA National Tour must now use urethane bowling balls only if they’re manufactured after August 1, 2022.

This decision was met with mixed reactions by those in the professional bowling community. While some applauded the move, others criticized it as a restriction on equipment options that could level-the-playing field across all competitions. Regardless, the PBA has decided that this ruling will take effect for the 2023 season and will be strictly enforced throughout their organization going forward.

The PBA will maintain the right to spot check any bowling balls for compliance with any specifications, at any time.

Again, no “traditional urethane” balls manufactured prior to August 1, 2022 will be permitted in PBA National Tour competition.

This rule is currently for PBA National Tour competition only.

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We will be sure to update this story as we receive more information. Be sure to check back for additional details.

If this holds true, what are your thoughts? Should urethane bowling balls be banned? Drop us a comment below!

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