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The Benefits of Regional Staff Membership

The Benefits of Regional Staff Membership

Posted by Nick Doolin on

Joining the Regional Staff of CtD can offer bowlers some great benefits. Regional staff members not only get to enjoy their sport with access to discounts and special opportunities, but they also get to broaden their network and join a community of bowlers. This post will explain why becoming a regional staff member is a great way to gain access to exclusive opportunities and further your development as a bowler.

Member Discounts:
Regional staff members receive exclusive discounts on bowling supplies and practice sessions. This gives them an unparalleled opportunity to save money while practicing their skills in the sport. Additionally, regional staff members have access to Staff Only social media groups to connect with other staffers. These events can help them gain valuable experience while networking with other bowlers in the region.

Mentorship Opportunities:
Regional staff members have the chance to connect with experienced bowlers who are willing to share their wisdom and advice on how best approach the game. These mentorships can be invaluable for improving one’s skillset and teaching newcomers about technique and strategy. Regional staff members will also gain insight into how other bowlers think about the game, which can open doors for collaboration or competition opportunities in the future.  

Develop Your Skill Set:          
Being part of the regional staff gives you an opportunity to hone your skills through practice sessions and lessons at the CtD Education Center. You may even find yourself participating in leagues or tournaments, which will give you crucial experience playing against experienced opponents who may bring out your best game yet! Additionally, you can take advantage of training opportunities offered by coaches who are there to help you reach your full potential as a bowler.              

Overall, being part of the regional staff at CtD is an excellent way for any bowler—newcomer or veteran—to take their game up a notch while gaining access to exclusive discounts and oppurtunities. Membership offers valuable mentorship opportunities from experienced players that could prove invaluable in helping develop one’s skills and approach towards bowling . With all these benefits combined, it’s no wonder CtD Staff is the fastest growing Staff in bowling!



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