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Funk Bowling Wins 3 Prestigious Architecture & Designs Awards

Duckpin Bowling Installation Waterloo London Funk Bowling 2, Funk North America

Funk Bowling has a long-standing legacy and reputation in the bowling space around the world and the company has been bringing this reputation to the US market to much applause. Recently, the company won three prestigious awards at the Bowling Center Management’s (BCM) Bowling Center Architecture and Design Awards, which is a significant achievement in the industry. The awards were given in different categories, highlighting the company’s versatility and expertise in creating unique and innovative bowling experiences.

Best Bar/Lounge – International Category

The Project: Duckpin Installation at BrewDog in Waterloo, London

The first award won by Funk Bowling was in the International Category for Best Bar/Restaurant. The award recognized the company’s work in creating a remarkable bowling installation at BrewDog, an international chain of bars, breweries, restaurants and hotels around the world. This location is the biggest bar of the franchise in the UK.

The custom design of the duckpin bowling lanes features an iconic steel cage that directly integrates into the industrial design of the whole location. The lanes are submerged into the floor and the player can easily play from a wood parquet floor without bowling shoes. Combined with the small balls it makes the game accessible for non-bowlers and social groups who seek to go out for a drink in an exclusive location.

Brewdog has managed to masterfully combine the adult bar and restaurant experience with the social and fun aspect of duckpin bowling. The vibe gets underlined with an integrated “press for beer” button at each lane, to make it easy to order the next round of pints.

The combination of business (offices, podcast studio etc.), high quality food and social activity (ping pong, duckpin etc.) is clearly tailored towards the lifestyle of young adults in an urban environment who are seeking a flexible work-life culture in the heart of a vibrant city like London.

DuckPin directly caters the needs through an accessible, social and exclusive experience where customers can have a drink, engage in conversations and casually throw a ball down the lane. No heavy balls – No complicated movements and no bowling shoes needed.

Best New Small Ball Center

The Project: Harbor Social in National Harbor, MD

Duckpin Installation Washington DC Funk Bowling 2, Funk North America

Harbor Social is an interactive sports bar serving food and drinks, TVs throughout, and interactive games like bocce ball, in addition to the new duckpin…

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