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Duckpin Bowling Goes Mobile – Trailer Configured with 2 Lanes

Duckpin Bowling Goes Mobile - Trailer Configured with 2 Lanes

In this article, we will unveil the incredible craftsmanship and ingenuity that went into creating a fully functional Duckpin bowling experience on wheels. Funk Bowling’s expertise and dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional bowling have resulted in a truly one-of-a-kind installation that brings the joy and excitement of Duckpin bowling to any location or event.

The Project

We get a lot of interesting requests at Funk, but we’re really excited about this one. We recently completed a project for JFY Strike Zone in Upper Marlboro, Maryland where we took an 8 feet by 45 feet mobile trailer and refinished the insight with Funk’s Duckpin Bowling package. Not only was this buildout a first for Funk, but the client had requests to rent the trailer before it was even complete! 

“This speaks to how nimble Funk can be in providing new bowling products and experiences to our customers. A mobile bowling trailer is a very new thing on the market and this trailer shows there’s no challenge we can’t figure out a solution for, for our clients.” noted Ed Connolly, who worked with the client on this project. 

The duckpin bowling trailer presented a few challenges during the build, including delays due to the pandemic, making sure the machinery was able to withstand movement in a trailer, and finding the best suppliers for the project. However, the engineering experts at Funk were able to design a plan to overcome these challenges and are looking at mobile duckpin trailers as a permanent offering in the future. We learned a lot on the project, and these kinds of innovations within the sport of bowling are very exciting, and continue to expand the boundaries of bowling.

As for our client? They now have a unique rental offering to add to their business and spread the experience of duckpin bowling to new markets! Inquire about your next project with Funk today!

The Gallery

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