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Brunswick Ultimate Defender Bowling Ball Review

Brunswick Ultimate Defender Bowling Ball Review

The Ultimate Defender is the third Defender offering from Brunswick, following in the footsteps of the original Defender and the Defender Hybrid. This ball uses the HK22-based ACT 3.0 Hybrid coverstock, which surrounds the asymmetrical Portal X core that was used in both previous Defender balls. Coming out of the box at a rough 500/2000 SiaAir finish, the Ultimate Defender is built for oil. It made easy work of BTM’s test conditions while they were fresh, and it offered unexpectedly good results as the patterns broke down as well.


Stroker loved the amount of boards he could cover on the fresh heavy oil pattern with the Ultimate Defender. As the fronts started to hook in transition, he could make small moves left to keep the ball in the pocket. This was a huge benefit for his lower rev rate on this pattern. He could start the ball farther left, swing it to the dry that was being created, and see it come back to the pocket. The dull box finish provided traction, hook, and continuation from the first shot until the last for him.

Stroker had just a little less area on the fresh medium oil pattern compared to the heavy oil pattern. The additional hook he saw on this condition forced him to start the ball farther left, which made him a bit less comfortable as the lanes broke down. The box finish was still able to create traction in the heaviest part of the pattern, allowing the ball to finish strong through the pin deck. While he was able to

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