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Track Cypher Bowling Ball Review

Track Cypher Bowling Ball Review

The Track Cypher introduces a new core design, inspired by the Track Synergy from the early 1990s. The new Synergy core features updated materials to create a 2.540″ RG and a 0.047″ differential. It is wrapped in the HK22-based MR-8 Solid coverstock that comes out of the box at a 500/1000/2000 SiaAir finish. The Cypher provided a smoother overall motion that responded best when our testers used straighter launch angles and played with more direct lines to the pocket.


Stroker had the best look out of our three bowlers on the fresh medium oil pattern. His ability to play straighter angles was exactly what the Cypher wanted on this condition. He could stay in the same part of the lane for about a game and a half before he saw the ball start hooking early and going high into the headpin. As the lanes broke down, Stroker found it better to make parallel moves inside to keep the ball in the oil rather than open his angles. Once the Cypher started over-hooking from there, he had success by switching into something like the Theorem or Paragon Pearl later in the session.

Stroker felt like he had too much length and deflection at the pins with the Cypher’s box finish on the fresh heavy oil pattern. The higher RG core seemed to pull the ball too far downlane, despite the 2000 SiaAir box finish. Sanding the ball to 1000 grit helped it get started sooner, giving Stroker just what he needed on this pattern. Once again

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