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Brunswick Beyond Infinity Bowling Ball Review

Brunswick Beyond Infinity Bowling Ball Review

The Brunswick Beyond Infinity uses the same asymmetrical Infinity core design from the original Infinity but wraps it in the HK22-based AXH Pearl coverstock. Coming out of the box at 500/1000/1500 SiaAir plus Crown Factory Compound, the Beyond Infinity provides more length and a stronger move off the dry than the original. We found this ball to excel on our medium oil pattern, and it was also very good on the other patterns after they had gone through some transition.


Cranker really liked how much he could open the lane up with the Beyond Infinity on the fresh medium oil pattern. The ball effortlessly cleared the front of the lane, picking up nicely in the midlane and providing a strong, angular move at the breakpoint. His reaction was great on the fresh, but the ball continued to impress in transition. The Beyond Infinity didn’t over-skid in the oil as Cranker moved left, offering excellent continuation. He could use this ball from start to finish on this pattern without making any surface changes.

Cranker’s high rev rate gave him some ability to use the Beyond Infinity on the fresh heavy oil pattern with the box finish. It would not be his first choice, but he could reduce his ball speed and make it work. The box finish was a much better option later in the session once the pattern had been broken down by duller-covered balls, like the original Infinity and the Ultimate Defender. The Beyond Infinity was a very nice option to get into once those balls started hooking too early or when he wanted

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