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900 Global Xponent Pearl Bowling Ball Review

900 Global Xponent Pearl Bowling Ball Review

The Xponent Pearl is the follow-up to the Xponent from the fall of 2023. Using the same Shrapnel 2.0 Symmetric core as the original, this ball features the Reserve Blend 702 Pearl coverstock. Coming out of the box with Reacta Gloss polish, the Xponent Pearl provides more length and a strong move off the breakpoint. The added length made the Xponent Pearl a good option for all three of our testers on our medium oil and dry test patterns.


Cranker really liked what he saw on the fresh medium oil pattern from the Xponent Pearl. He started this ball a few boards farther outside compared to the Zen Gold Label, seeing less back end and less total hook. He was very impressed with how easily the ball handled the transition, as it allowed him to easily chase the oil left without over-skidding. The ball’s reaction was just as good later in the session as it was on the fresh.

The length from the Xponent Pearl made it a good option for Cranker on the fresh dry pattern as well, especially in transition. He needed to make sure to get it going right and be nice to it at the release to keep the ball in the pocket on the fresh. His reaction improved as the pattern blended out, particularly after urethane balls had gone down the lane. Sanding the ball to 3000 or 4000 Abralon would help smooth out the motion on the fresh, but leaving the ball

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