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Backpocket Brewery Adds Duckpin in Johnston & Dubuque, IA

Backpocket Brewery Adds Duckpin in Johnstown & Dubuque, IA

This piece focuses on the impressive expertise and creativity showcased by Funk Bowling in crafting an exceptional Duckpin bowling installation. After a successful installation in Dubuque, IA, Backpocket Brewery decided to bring Duckpin to another location in Johnston, IA. Their mastery and dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional bowling have resulted in an entirely distinctive arrangement that brings the excitement and joy of Duckpin bowling into this environment. The artistry and inventive spirit required to bring this fully operational configuration to life are genuinely eye opening.

The Project

After getting some great results from a Duckpin installation in Dubuque, Iowa, Backpocket Brewery decided to bring the Funk team back to install Duckpin at a second location in Johnston, IA. The objective of the installation is to bring people together to have a great time enjoying craft beers and being social.

Funk’s Duckpin offering is different from regular bowling. The lanes are shorter, the pins are shorter and wider, and the balls are made so that even kids can play. It’s not like the old-style bowling alleys with bright lights and heavy balls. Instead, Duckpin Bowling at Backpocket Brewery feels cozy and friendly, which fits perfectly with the brewery’s look and feel.

Duckpin Bowling is all about having fun together. When you step onto the lanes, you’re in for a mix of friendly competition and teamwork. Friends, whether they’re old pals or new buddies, can laugh and challenge each other. It’s a game that values skill and strategy more than just being strong. As you enjoy the delicious craft beers at the brewery, you’ll make memories and connections that last.

By bringing Duckpin Bowling to their brewery, Backpocket Brewery is showing how much they care about giving people a special experience. It’s not just about having fun – it’s about making friends, improving your bowling skills, and enjoying the company of others who love the same things you do. As you hear laughter and clinking glasses, you’ll know it’s a place where people come together to have a good time and appreciate the art of having fun!

So, if you’re looking for a really fun way to spend your day, check out Backpocket Brewery’s Duckpin Bowling. Get ready to bowl, sip on tasty craft beers, and enjoy a day full of excitement and great flavors that will make you rethink what a perfect day looks like.

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