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How Do Finger Holes Get Drilled in a Bowling Ball? the Lowdown Behind the Perfect Fit

How Do Finger Holes Get Drilled in a Bowling Ball? the Lowdown Behind the Perfect Fit

In the world of bowling, getting the right fit between your hand and the ball is essential. Those finger holes, of course, aren’t just there for design – they’re the key to control, precision, and that flawless release.

Have you ever wondered how those finger holes are expertly drilled into a bowling ball? Join us as we take a journey into the precision art of drilling finger holes. Don’t worry, we won’t get too bogged down in technical details and will instead focus on the parts of the process that any serious bowler should know.

Crafting the Connection Between Bowler and Ball

First, you may not be completely aware of all the reasons why getting your own bowling ball is necessary if you want to bowl seriously. House balls can be great (and economical!) when you’re just getting started, but eventually you want to make sure you have something custom to you. Read this article for more.

  1. Pre-Drilling Assessment

Before the drilling process even begins, your bowling ball undergoes an assessment to determine the optimal layout for finger hole placement. Factors like your span (the distance between the holes), pitch (the angle of the holes), and hole size are carefully considered. This step ensures that the ball will comfortably match your hand’s shape and movements.

  1. Choosing the Layout

The layout of the finger holes greatly affects the ball’s roll and your overall performance. Your ball driller will work with you to select a layout that complements your playing style. Whether you plan to bowl with a conventional or fingertip grip, or if you’re a two-handed power player versus a classic one-handed bowler, the layout will be tailored to enhance your control and accuracy.

  1. Precision Drilling

Once the layout is decided, the drilling process begins. Specialized drilling equipment is used to create the finger holes. Modern drills are often computer-controlled, ensuring accuracy. The measurements and angles specified in the layout are programmed into the machine, which then drills the holes with incredible precision.

  1. Custom Fit

Each finger hole is crafted to match your finger’s size and shape. The goal is to create a snug fit that allows for a secure grip without straining your hand. You’ll place your fingers in the holes, and the driller may make slight adjustments to ensure the fit is just right. Remember, a comfortable grip translates to better control over the ball’s trajectory.

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